Blind Cleaning

We provide same-day service on nearly all residential cleaning projects, as well as overnight service on many select commercial projects. Cleaning and general upkeep help to maximize the long-term usage of your window treatments, which not only saves you money on replacements but also helps to minimize premature disposal that frequently end up in landfills.

Once we have scheduled an appointment, we will come to collect your blinds and bring them to our shop for cleaning. To begin the process, we hand-clean each individual blind on our cleaning rack. From there, we submerge the blind in deionized water in our Ultrasonic tank with a special ecologically safe cleaning solution before rinsing the blind in an anti-static rinse agent and hanging it on a rack to dry.

For nearly all cleaning projects, we use a special tank specifically designed for blind cleaning that uses an advanced ultrasonic technology. High frequency sound pressures from transducers within the tank create vapor cavities within the Deionized water to agitate dirt and other contaminants that have accumulated over time. The agitation of the water induced by the sound waves then quickly releases any dust, dirt, fingerprints, mold, grease, fungus, bacteria, and so on from the surface of the blind, thoroughly cleaning hard to reach crevasses within the blind’s various components. This process can be applied to Aluminum Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Cellular Shades, Sunscreen Shades, and other Horizontal and Vertical Vinyl Blinds.

To clean Wood Blinds, (which cannot be submerged in water), we first disassemble each blind, hand clean both sides of each slat with a special cleaning solution designed for wood surfaces, clean each head rail either by hand or by submerging in our ultrasonic tank, and then reassemble the blind once it has dried.

Please contact us for quoting estimates on cleaning projects.

 Blind Cleaning: Before and After